Your Investment

I have simple  philosophy:

No gimmicks: If the image is worth your time to download, it is yours to print or share. It does me no good to hold your memories hostage for an exorbitant fee, watermark them, or anything else that impairs your usage.

Pay for what you want: Other photographers charge more because they are up-charging on unnecessary edits. You are paying first for capturing memories. Everything else is secondary, and you should not have to pay for it unless you want it. 

Simple prices: I charge simple flat rates for all my services, with the bottom line up front. However, if you need a bespoke package, just let me know.


 Events - Starting at $250 for 2 hours.

○ Portraits -Starting at $150 for on location shoots.

 Commercial Starting at $500 per shoot.

More Information

  Many places around DC, Maryland, and Virginia require permits. Please check with the National Park Service and local authorities when thinking about your session. While I try to maintain annual permits where I can, it is your responsibility for obtaining permission to shoot on any non-public locations or where permits are required.

 Fee includes session, edits of my choice,  access to the downloadable imagery, and any other direct cost associated with your shoot. 

○ By booking with me, you are explicitly agreeing that 1) I retain the rights to utilize the imagery from the session for my own promotional and other photographic purposes, 2) I am under no obligation to retain digital copies of imagery once I have provided you two weeks to download it, and 3) the arrangement is fee-for-service and not subject to refunds.

○ No-shows are subject to the original sitting fee. Late arrivals will consume your shoot time. Shoots may be extended to fully planned length at the same hourly rate if schedules permit. 

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